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October 17, 2011

We Moved to

by Andreas Schaefer

After a few months of working on a consolidation of our web presence we decided to go with a WordPress only site and hosting it on which was affordable but still had a good phone support even for the low price.The reason why we went with WordPress is that it was the only solution I understood to make our Blog, the Web Site and the Wiki a reality under the same umbrella. So here we are having set aside Magnolia CMS and XWiki and have all of them under one look & feel and one management admin.

That said we didn’t drop Magnolia nor XWiki because we were unhappy of them or because they didn’t work as expected but having to manage three different technology stacks at the same time was too much. Our site is dedicated to computing technology and its integration into our lives but not about to showcase as many different products.

Because of the move which was accelerated because of our families move to another house we also couldn’t migrate all the pages of our old site altogether. Some of them because out of date, some pictures were missing in XWiki and the presentations caught some dust in the past. This means some Wiki pages aren’t available (or pictures are missing) and the presentation page was dropped. If we find the time or get enough requests we might migrate some of them but so far we have no concrete plans.

Kind Regards

Andreas Schaefer
CEO of Inc.

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