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March 14, 2011

iPhone Development Course in Irvine

by Andreas Schaefer

Finally after several months of thinking about it and preparing my iPhone App Development Course is on-line. It took that long because I wanted to make sure that I have at least one iPhone App published on iTunes before giving the classes so that I have the experience to have gone through the registration and approval process as well as being able to ensure my attendees that I know what I am talking about. As a twist of life it wasn’t the App I initially planned but an App called Stadiyum that was designed and developed in just 4 weeks so that it is approved in time.

This course will be different that the ones I saw posted all over the Internet because this course will use one Example throughout all labs. This way the attendees will see how an application grows and what is involved in getting the application up and running. Luckily for me as well as the class Apple has released XCode4 which is a much better development environment that the old XCode3. XCode4 is much more integrated and all editors are contained in one window.

And even though the class is geared towards business applications there will be some fun activities like doing animations, slide-on views and dialogs, displaying movies and draw custom components. Beside that we will deal with asynchronous image loading, JSon based RESTful web service calls and a framework to easily manage your settings.

Since I started as a professional software developer a long time ago I gave presentations and courses but this course is different in many aspects. First I am fairly new to iOS and so I can relate to the issues of beginners much more than when I talk about Java etc. On the other hand developing on the iOS platform is quite different because it is so user-centric and the developers need to address this from the beginning in order to be successful. There are many books available to help start developing but there is a big step from reading a book to actually writing an application from start to finish and that is why I wanted to convey that through a single example rather than a collection of examples that are only geared towards the current topic.

Hope to see you there soon – Andy Schaefer

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