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Year End Task: New Contracting Gig

It starts to become a reoccurring theme that I need to look for a new contracting gig at the end of the year. In my business I am used to being let got with no or nearly no notice period but having to do that at the end of the year is a little bit of a bummer. Well, it is a chance to spread my newly acquired knowledge of:

  • Groovy / Grails together with Spring, Transactions and RESTful WS
  • Apache CXF, Camel and ServiceMix
  • Apache Sling / JCR
  • Ibatis OR Mapper
  • TestNG and jUnit 4
  • DbUnit and UnitIls
  • and much more …

In case you need help my any of these topics or in general with Java / Java EE then drop me a note to:

Cheers and have a Happy New Year



Welcome to our new Blog

Once more we have a new blog. Before this we were using XWiki which was nice and had a lot of potential but the presentation was awkward and the support for remote Blog writing was limited to an unknown protocol which was not supported by any Blog Writing Client like Ecto3 or MarsEdit.

Eventually I learned that WordPress can be install and hosted outside of and so I gave it a shot and I had it up and running in a few hours. After I found a good design, checked that it supports images and source code WordPress was good to go to become our new blog software.

Cheers – Andy