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What’s Wrong with Bungie

This week a shit storm came over us Destiny players as Luke Smith was saying that players would buy anything and players were outraged. I didn’t pay too much attention to it but when the news about the Red Bull Marketing campaign hit I was outraged. Read more »


What’s Wrong with Destiny’s Skolas

I played everything in Destiny with the exception of Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders Skolas. For now I have no intention of doing ToO but Skolas is aggravating me and makes me want to stop playing Destiny altogether. By any means I am not Datto, Professor Broman or King Gathalion but an average player trying to have fun while playing.

Before I go on I want to emphasis that Bungie said multiple times that they are listening to complaints and so reduced the severity of Cerberus Vae III strike. They did something similar to Skolas but it did not accomplish the goal of make it manageable or fun to play. Keep in mind that I did Cerberus on a Nightfall before the nerf without any burns and could finish it.

Now what is wrong with Skolas or even with PoE?

  1. No Checkpoints
  2. Essence to aggressive
  3. Bad Modifiers Read more »

Destiny Iron Banner Guide

Last week was the first Iron Banner (IB) with the new DLC House of Wolves. Because of my continued struggle with Prison of Elders level 34 and 35 I took the opportunity of IB to earn some Etheric Lights to upgrade boots and weapons. I also helped others to reach level 3 and 5 and so here are my tips.

Read more »