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You reached the home of, a small but nimble software consulting company focusing on Java based Internet applications, backend applications / systems and iOS application. Since our start we are using open-source software as much as it is feasible and if it makes sense business wise.

Our core expertise is on:

  • JBoss Application Server
  • J2EE Business Software Development
  • JMS based application using JBoss and ActiveMQ
  • SOA based applications using Servicemix, Camel and CXF
  • Loosely coupled rich front end applications using Ext/JS, JSon and Java backend
  • Grails / Groovy web applications
  • iOS applications using JSon to transfer data from and to the backend server
  • Fixing hard to locate backend problems of stability, performance and/or multi-threaded race conditions
  • C++ / Flash based InDesign / Creative Suite plugin development

As in other R&D projects developing software is not about the number of people on the team nor how fast the team can change. Instead it is all about the quality and dedication of a few good developers. Software is not written by an army but rather by a handful of dedicated developers that have the vision of the project and the stamina and endurance to finish it. We can help you start, do or finish any project no matter how difficult or improper it sounds.


If you were redirected to this page then you probably still have an old link. Because we moved our site to WordPress we redirected all pages from the old site to this page because the structure has changed. Please note that for now the presentation page is deprecated and we might migrate them in the future.