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Object-C Categories: Why and How

Did you ever wonder what an Object-C Category is good for and how to actually code and use one? Here is a short rundown of why I needed one and how I actually did it including using a property in my category which is per se not allowed within a Category.

Cheers – Andy


GitoLite: Your very own Git Server on Mac OS X Server

GitoLite is a simple Git server that can handle user authentication per project / branch. Even though I don’t mind too much to shell out $300 bucks for a simple business plan with GitHub I want to keep my code closer to my heart that anything else. Even though I don’t think that my server is tightly protected it is at least my fault when something goes wrong. Lately there have been reports of nasty security breaches on user data servers and even Dropbox had their account unprotected for a few hours.

The first thing I was surprised of was the fact that there is no out-of-the-box git server available as it is with Subversion. Then I tried Gitosis but ran into issues with Python and abandoned that. Later I heard about GitoLite which gave me some grief at the beginning but eventually I could make it work out. The trick was to make sure that I was focuses on the task and made sure only to proceed if the previous step worked out.

Update: I copied this documentation to my XWiki.

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