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Andreas Schaefer

Founder and CEO of Inc.

I live for the Challenge

I look at life as an opportunity to learn every day; in my profession, as a parent or in hobbies and home improvement projects. Because I was born and raised in Switzerland, the home of precise watches, I try to fix problems when I see them and make sure they are not becoming apparent. Often a little bit of effort can go a long way when developing software.

Andreas Schaefer is a founder of and a Principal Software Engineer for Java and J2EE. He was working for SeeBeyond Inc. in Monrovia as J2EE System Architect and was developing resource adapters for SeeBeyond’s ICAN suite and currently works as a independent consultant for Headwire in Irvine, CA.

He published various articles on as well as gave some presentations about JBoss, JMX and Maven at the Los Angeles Java User Group. He was also a regular blogger at Sun’s web site.

Manuela Schaefer

Founder and CFO of Inc.

Manuela has become the Business Manager of Hillcrest Academy in Temecula this Fall.