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Our Customers

This is our list of customers we had the chance and pleasure to work with since we started our company.

Please note that this list is in reverse order.

Headwire, CA

June 2011 to now

We helped to improve the overall performance of CQ (Adobe / Day) web sites, created OSGi services to provide JSP tags and Cache Flushing due to updated content, created an InDesign plugin using Adobe’s SDK, C++, Xcode and Visual C++ to obtain text / images from CQ and integrated it into an InDesign document. Lately we are working on an InDesign plugin that uses Flash to provide the UI and the C++ plugin to provide the InDesign integration.

Stuntman Software / Apptico

January to June 2011

We created the Stadiyum! iPhone App in Object-C using Xcode 4 that lets the user order Food, Drinks and other goods from the seat in a Stadium which is then delivered to him/her. The App provides the UI to select the food, review and place the order and view its progress. The App uses JSon / HTTPS to communicate with the server. We created version 1.0, 1.5 and 1.5.1 which were all successfully approved and placed in Apple’s App Store.

Accenture, London, UK

August to September 2010

Accenture was developing the services behind allowing users to view TV in the UK in a different way.

We designed and implemented a publishing tool that retrieved data from a Groovy RESTful web service and then published it to a remote RESTful web service using the CXF web client. The transport was based on JSON as well as XML and required some smart unmarshalling to handle dynamic return values. In addition the services had to support SOLR for full text search.

Progress, USA

March 2010 to December 2010

We worked on multiple projects with Progress Software (now including companies like CVS Caremark in Chicago, FAA in Washington and Zappos in Las Vegas. We developed software based on the Fusesource stack (ActiveMQ, CFX, ServiceMix and Camel) and created / gave training about these products.

Toyota, CA

January to October 2010

We designed and implemented the backend code of a social networking platform using RESTful web services and JSON to interface with various clients. The backend used Spring and Hibernate to persist the data. The backend was designed so that the client could update an entire tree of data rather than a single entity in order to improve the throughput and to slime down the web service interface. Due to restrictions using 3rd party software we developed the entire stack from ground up.

Warner Bros Advanced Digital Services, Burbank, CA

August to December 2009

We designed and wrote an implementation for the Non Theatrical Website Backend, Admin Backend and a rewrite of their Data import tool using Java, Spring, Hibernate, XSLT, JSON.

August 2008 to May 2009

We designed and implemented parts of WB’s Journalist Website using Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, JSON and Flex integration. Review and implementation of performance enhancement to meet the client’s expectations by restructuring the Hibernate layer and its access strategies.

Mitratech, Los Angeles, CA

May to July 2008

We did the migration of their old web security framework to Spring Security 2.0 but with complete backwards compatibility to the previous version which included the upload of custom authentication components at runtime. The challenge was to incorporate the original design into the one given by Spring Security and to make Spring Security able to handle authentication dynamically.

Tactical Language Training, Los Angeles, CA

January to June 2008

We designed and implemented a programatic access to Subversion in order to manage their training data through Web Services. We added support for Web Service Integration in Flex 3 and designed Swing UI component model to create a library of reusable Swing component.

GE / Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT

July to December 2007

Developed a prototype as proof of a concept how to connect various systems using Apache’s ServiceMix and JBI. The prototype was composed of a C++/.Net and Java client and two separate Database servers. A request from either client was encapsulated in a transaction so that if any database server failed all changes were undone.

AGMedNet, Boston, MA

November 2006 to August 2007

Andreas Schaefer was working as independent JBoss consultant for AGMedNet from November 2007 until August 2008. He helped them tune their JBoss application servers, migrated their build system to Maven 1, provided a path to clustering their backend JBoss servers, solved a deadlock situation due to race condition involving Message Driven Beans and Entity bean and created Image transfer strategies for huge images while reducing the overall memory consumption to keep the application scalable.

Gateway Inc., Irvine, CA

August 2005 to October 2006

From August 2005 until November 2006 Andy Schaefer was working as independent Contractor at Gateway Inc. in Irvine. He was responsible for tuning their application server, the applications as well as restructering their build system and test environment. He was also part of the development team for the next release of their order capture system using Java 1.5, EJB 3, Hibernate, Spring and JBoss.