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Welcome to the Wiki with various topics about Mac, iOS and other IT related topics. Because we moved our previous blog from XWiki to WordPress the structure has changed and some of the old bookmarks might send you to this or another wiki group page rather than the desired page. Please update your bookmarks to the new URLs.

iOS Development
Apple, Mac and OS X

The reason why we dropped XWiki is that we wanted to streamline our website, blog and wiki pages so that all look the same and involve as few components as possible. Even though I like XWiki and Magnolia CMS we just don’t have the time to maintain all three of them. Using WordPress allows us to do everything using one technology stack, making it easier to change, update and backup the site. It also makes it much easier to move the site to an outside hosting company.


If you were redirected to this page then you probably still have an old link. Because we moved our site to WordPress we redirected all pages from old site to this page because the structure has changed. Please note that some of the wiki pages where not migrated because their are out of date and because their are missing their images. We might updated in the future but no guarantees.

Cheers – Team