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First Application: Greetings

The path to first level of iPhone Development Heaven are these X easy steps. But make no mistakes they contain a lot you have to remember for a long time to come. I hope they are clear enough to follow and in case you might forget something along the way we will recap at the end.

Create Application
Application Design and Source Code Preparation
Design and Create UI
Wire Up the UI
Simple Code
Polished Code
House Cleaning


Because this is the first application we covered a lot of ground. Here we want to recap the most important points:

  • Outlets are placeholders for UI elements inside the application code
  • Actions are placeholders for method announced by the application code for the UI
  • In order for the UI and the application code to interact they must be properly wired up in the Interface Builder
  • Like Outlets and Actions Delegates implementations must be wired up in the Interface Builder with the Caller of the Delegate
  • The Context Menu (Right- or Control-Click) in the Interface Builder provide the mechanism to wire up in the Interface Builder

Have fun