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June 12, 2015

Destiny Iron Banner Guide

by Andreas Schaefer

Last week was the first Iron Banner (IB) with the new DLC House of Wolves. Because of my continued struggle with Prison of Elders level 34 and 35 I took the opportunity of IB to earn some Etheric Lights to upgrade boots and weapons. I also helped others to reach level 3 and 5 and so here are my tips.

But first I want to clarify one important point: IB is not only for Crucible Geeks like Trials of Osiris but for anyone and following some rules, some persistence and keeping the cool it can be accomplished by anyone. 3 months ago I was a complete failure in Crucible and anything over 0.5 K/D was an accomplishment and then I couldn’t get any 36 boots and IB sold them. So I had no choice to join and reach level 4 to get them. While doing that I also finished the **Thorn Bounty*** and eventually reached level 5.

So here are my (current) tips on how to reach level 3 and 5 in IB fairly easy:

  1. Every morning go pick up the buff, all IB bounties available and make sure that you have any IB equipment on if you have (Emblem, Shader and Class Item)
  2. Do IB matches
  3. If you reach a new level after a match and you don’t have the IB equipment (level 1: emblem, level 2: shader, level 4: class item) exit matchmaking, go to the Tower and buy it right away
  4. Check in bounties at the end of the day (otherwise you don’t get a new one the next day)
  5. Iron Wrath Bounty: assist counts towards the goal of 10 kills.
  6. Try to finish at least 3 bounties every day
  7. Characters that catch up get a bonus towards reputations earned (I think it is 2x but I am not sure)
  8. Bringing up the others characters up to level 3 is easier (only needs 3700 reputations) than bring one character up to level 5 (needs an additional 4800 reputations) and it is faster due to the catch up buff.
  9. The buff gives a higher bonus as the weeks progresses (Tuesday: 10, then 15, 25, 40, 60, 100 and on Monday 150%)
  10. All bonuses stack, so 3 10% bonuses are 33% (1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1) and not 30%
  11. A win gives you 55 reputations and a medallion (after a win) gives you 44 reputations
  12. You have collect up to 5 looses (medallions)

So How Much Work is it?

Let us assume that you start from scratch (no IB buffs yet) play matches and everyday you do the following:

  1. Finish 3 100 Bounties
  2. Do 5 looses
  3. Do 2 wins

All of that can be accomplished by playing for an 1 1/2 hour a day.

This gives you a total of 630 reputations each day. Together with the buffs you will earn a total of 8300 reputations which is 200 reputations short of Level 5. So you are nearly there and few more games or an additional bounty will bring you up to level 5.
Keep in mind that if you end your day with a few looses that first win the next day will reward you the reputations.

Tricks within a Match

These are my tricks I used this time learned hard in the past IBs:

  1. Focus on the Bounties first and not on the win like capturing Control Points, Melee Kills, head shotss etc
  2. Stop running, start thinking. Running blindly into the same point where you died last is not a good strategy.
  3. Watch your radar for flanking foes.
  4. Switch weapon (between primary, special and heavy) according to the circumstances and do that ahead as you move into a place. For example going into a tight space a shotgun is better than an auto rifle.
  5. Use your super. A not used super is wasted one and you cannot build up another super if you did not use it.
  6. Find the weapon that works for you and stick with it. Lately I used Last Word, Fellwinter’s Lie and Hunger of Crota for all maps with the exception of a Machine Gun for a bounty.
  7. Stay Cool. Frustration will just messing up your game and being killed is part of the game.
  8. Find Friends to play together. It’s just more fun this way.
  9. Learn the maps. Map awareness is the key to become a better player.
  10. Protect your heave ammo drop, steal the drop from your opponents, wait to share but take it if in danger to avoid it falling into enemy hands.
  11. If you use shotguns get into the habit to melee them right after shooting them.
  12. With a Hand Cannon / Scout Riffle / Pulse Riffle take them time to go for head shots.

Final Thoughts

I know this is hard by a key for success is to stay calm, celebrate your wins and forget quickly about your looses. Even though I am around a K/D of 1 I still have matches where everything goes wrong and I am dead last.
Also I would encourage everyone to stay in a game. Leaving because your are loosing is bad for you and the team. You will learn the most when you loose and if the game is lost then take it as an opportunity to try something new like rushing people, snipe from the back, wait for foes to come to you etc.

Play Hard, Have Fun & Enjoy Life – Andy

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