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December 28, 2010

Year End Task: New Contracting Gig

by Andreas Schaefer

It starts to become a reoccurring theme that I need to look for a new contracting gig at the end of the year. In my business I am used to being let got with no or nearly no notice period but having to do that at the end of the year is a little bit of a bummer. Well, it is a chance to spread my newly acquired knowledge of:

  • Groovy / Grails together with Spring, Transactions and RESTful WS
  • Apache CXF, Camel and ServiceMix
  • Apache Sling / JCR
  • Ibatis OR Mapper
  • TestNG and jUnit 4
  • DbUnit and UnitIls
  • and much more …

In case you need help my any of these topics or in general with Java / Java EE then drop me a note to:

Cheers and have a Happy New Year


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