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October 20, 2011

Apptico: Be Aware of Not Getting Paid

by Andreas Schaefer

Apptico, a small company headed by Paul Grossi is behind the iPhone App **Stadiyum**. The App is nice but the business practice of Apptico / Paul Grossi is to use developers / creative artists work and when they finally have to pay the just look for new people without paying for work already delivered.
If we would be the only one I wouldn’t mention this here but I knew a few people with even bigger outstanding invoices than me and so I want to help others to avoid this trap. Every start-up will deal with financial hardship one way or the other but Apptico / Paul Grossi did not even try to find a compromise and just did not respond at all. Looking at all these cases I left wondering if this isn’t just Apptico’s business model to get cheap labour.
For me I am done with them but I want to spread the word what anyone can expect with them. They might pay an few invoices just to give you a sense of security but so far I don’t know anyone getting paid in full.

Cheers – Andy

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