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CQ 5.5 and Link Rewriter Failures

In CQ 5.5 one can rewrite links by extending a RequestRewriter interface inside an OSGi service. This way links can be dynamically adjusted to external views or can be adjusted to internal conditions. In my current project we use this extensively and for most parts it works fine. That said for a few pages that did not work at all exposing internal structures to the client. It took me a while to discover the cause but fixing as quite simple. Read more »


CQ5 Workflows: Selection Dialog

Since a few years I am working with Adobe CQ (formerly Day CQ) doing mostly backend software like ETC Mapping, Link Rewriting, Dispatcher Cache handling, OSGi Services and mostly Workflows. About 1 1/2 years ago I did not know how the Workflows worked in CQ and now I am even adding additional functionality like a Dialog and Dynamic Participant Step.

Here I want to talk about how to provide a drop down box selection in a Workflow Dialog Participant Step. In order to make that work we need three parts:

  1. Servlet / JSP that provides an JSon Array with ‘text’ / ‘value’ pair
  2. Dialog Definition that contains the Drop Down Box
  3. Dialog Participant Step using the Dialog Definition

Attention: There is a bug in the display of an embedded Dialog where the labels of the dialog are ignored. This is pretty annoying but the Workflow designer can add a hint into the title to make it clear what the fields are.

This is how the dialog will look like inside the Workflow Inbox:

CQ5 Workflow Dialog Selection Dynamic

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