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February 8, 2011

First iOS App Submitted

by Andreas Schaefer

Finally after 4 long weeks with long hours the iPhone App I was coding is submitted for reviewing on the App Store.

At the very end we not only had to fix last minute issues which are always very dangerous but I also ran into an issue where I could not build and archive my app and then symbolicate a crash log afterwards. This was very bad considering the fact that when users would send in Crash Logs we would have no way to figure out what went wrong. Eventually I had a hunch that having XCode 3 and 4 installed could be the culprit. So I went ahead and installed XCode 3.2.5 onto a Mac that had not prior installation and after resolving all the issues like missing Certificates I was finally able to create an archive and symbolicate a crash log.

Now for the App it means we have to wait for Apple’s verdict but for me it means that I start on another project today but in contrast that is a project with normal hours and no hard deadline.


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