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February 21, 2011

Snow, Cold and Far away from Home

by Andreas Schaefer

This week I am in the North East in Queensbury to give a class about Swing and Design Patterns. As much as I enjoy giving classes as much as I hate to be in the cold snowy weather far away from home.

Back when I lived in Switzerland it wasn’t that bad because I knew how to live through the cold season. But this is a rural area which I hardly know anything about it I am at. Zagat to Go for example only had my hotel listed in a radius of 20 miles. Today I am tired all day because I just slept a few hours on the plane to Boston. In addition I skipped lunch because there was nothing around here that would be inviting.

So for tonight I will eat room service and hope that tomorrow I learn about some places where I could go eat beside the usual chain restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

I didn’t mind to be in Boston during the winter of 07 where there was a bunch of great restaurants in walking distance and I never needed a car. That said on Friday evening I am heading back into the warm (relatively speaking) SoCal.

Cheers – Andy

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