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March 10, 2011

XCode4, iPhone Class and iOS Recipies

by Andreas Schaefer

This week was pretty exciting even though I am not going to buy an iPad2 or join into the frenzies.

First Apple release XCode4 which is really great news because now I can develop iPhone Apps on it without having to worry about issues or that it is not fully supported by Apple. This also makes it possible to talk about it publicly and I can use screenshots to discuss issues.

Then I started to work on my iPhone class that I intend to give this year if I find people willing to listen to me. My class is different in many ways but foremost I will use a single example throughout the class. On one hand this is a challenge because there is more to code or to fill in to make it a smooth progress but it also means that I have to develop the class around the labs.

Finally there is another book out there from Matt Drance and Paul Warren from the Pragmatic Bookshelf called iOS Recipes. From the few pages I read so far this books is quite nice and gives beginners and intermediate iOS developers a way to see how other developers do it.

– Andy

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