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August 15, 2011

Netflix Streaming is a Treasure Box for Sci-Fi Lover

by Andreas Schaefer

Lately I discovered that Netflix beside increasing their fee also added a lot more titles to the streaming catalog. Now it contains the original Enterprise series, TNG, Voyager, the latest Enterprise, LEXX, Firefly and many more.
Sometimes the audio of Voyager is out of sync but now I can watch these episodes when I want and when I have time not when the schedule is up or when the broadcast channels decide the are going to show us again.
Well, I’m not there were I can get ride of the cable company yet but I did not watch any regular TV for the last two weeks and right now I don’t think I’ll have time soon. So maybe this is the first step of a brave new world without broadcasting and cable companies. I at least will not shed tears when they are gone.

– Andy

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