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October 25, 2011

MarsEdit, WordPress and BlogText All In One

by Andreas Schaefer

Today I wanted to see if I could use MarsEdit and BBEdit to post a Post or Page to this WordPress site using BlogText plugin for WordPress.

BlogText is a simple markup language so that I don’t have to write HTML in order to post a Blog. Now with the HTML editor of MarsEdit that maybe isn’t necessary but I am going to edit the posts / pages through the Web Interface or iOS App and then I want to make it as quickly as possible.

Initially I ran into a lot of issues because MarsEdit did create HTML around the BlogText effectively rendering BlogText mute. Then I tried to use the HTML view and voila it would send the content as is. So I changed the default editor back to the HTML editor and now I can edit my posts like this one with BBEdit using BlogText through MarsEdit.

BTW I like MarsEdit because it is faster to navigate and has a better overview than the Web interface of WordPress.

– Andy´╗┐

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