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November 20, 2011

New Theme: Traction from The Theme Foundry

by Andreas Schaefer

As you have probably noticed we have a new theme. Even though I am creatively challenged I know when a design bugs me because it is either too busy, too blend or distracts from the actual content.

Even though I liked our previous theme initially I found it too busy after some time. Listening to the Founder’s Talk podcast on 5 by 5 episode 22 with Drew Strojny I checked out his Theme Foundry and found traction quite appealing. It has mostly what I was looking for like it was dark but not black, good coloring but not too busy, clean but not blend and text area where light but not white. So I decided to buy it because I can’t create a theme like that for that little money because I just don’t have the time and knowledge for it.

Have fun – Andy

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