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February 29, 2012

Alfred Powerpack: Bad Business Model?

by Andreas Schaefer

Today I got an email from Alfred (Mac OS X app launcher) that Alfred is now two years old and to celebrate they offer the Powerpack with a 10% discount. I was thinking about buying it and it sounds reasonably priced but not with the limitations.

If I buy the current version it will run with 1.x release of Alfred which just turned two. That said I have no idea when they will release version 2.x. This prevents me from actually buying it or let’s say it this way it makes they price rather unreasonable. I paid more for software but all of them do more like Omnifocus, Omnigraffle, Pixelmator etc.

To make it work for me the Alfred team either needs to give us an idea how long 1.x is the current version or limit the time the license is valid like 2 years.

Finally the mega-support license is great but then how long will be Alfred around so that my investment is worthwhile.

For now I use the free but limited Alfred without the Powerpack.

– Andy

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