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February 8, 2012

Mac OS X Tip: Manage Screenshots with DEVONthing

by Andreas Schaefer

Since a while I am thinking on how to manage screenshots the best. I take them but then are lurking around inside a directory and if I don’t head over, review and rename them I will loose the context and often they become worthless. What I want is to take a series of screenshots (for example to demonstrate how to do something), then review and rename them quickly.
Because I am using DEVONthink as my second brain where I just dump everything I need to keep an eye on or need to work on later and then use its search / quick preview feature to go over the entries and organize them correctly. The nice think about DEVONthink is that it has a directory for its Inbox in the file system that I can use to drop items there using Finder or any other file selection tool.
Now I started to think if it would be possible to use the Mac Screen Capture system to add these screenshots to DEVONthink so that I can review them, add tags and organize them correctly after I am done with taking the shots. So I followed the instruction from Mac World OS X Hints how to change the default location for screenshots and opened a terminal:

defaults write location \
    "/Users/<User Name>/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox"

Then I had to log out and log back in so that the change could take into effect.
Now when I take a screenshot it won’t appear on the Desktop but rather in the Inbox of DEVONthink where I can easily view them, add tags and copy them into the final destination.
– Andy

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