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March 16, 2013

CQ Workflow Tutorial

by Andreas Schaefer

Last weekend I started to write down some articles about CQ’s Workflows. Initially I thought this will be composed of a few articles and that’s it. But then I remembered what I learned about Workflows since last year and even today I am still learning how CQ Workflow works and how to tweak them to make them do what I want / need them to do.

As of now I am thinking that I need to move these articles into a series of pages so that it will remain intact and in order of the Tutorial. This way it will be easier for readers to follow.

So what do I plan to add to the tutorial? This is a short list of what I plan to do in the future but I am pretty sure there will be more:

  • Workflow Process and how to add custom functionality
  • Workflow Step Dialogs to make Workflow Processes easier to use
  • Dialog Participant Step Revision 3: how to use the selected data
  • Making Workflows more Transparent with Logging
  • (Conditional) Jumps inside a Workflow
  • Workflow Vows and how to Handle Them
  • Workflow Process / OSGi Service Configuration with Rumodes
  • Where did my Comments Go?

There is way more but I am not sure how many readers will actually use them so we will see.

Cheers – Andy

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