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February 7, 2015

Xbox One and Digital Content Issues

by Andreas Schaefer


After a long discussion with the Xbox Support I finally could resolve the issue by getting a refund for the digital Destiny Guardian Edition. Now I can buy that with my wife’s account and then it will run on her XB1 with her Xbox Home. This way any of our family members can play Destiny on any of the two consoles.

That said this does not solve the underlying problem of a house hold with multiple Xbox Ones especially if they are kids. With a Game Disc they can just take it and play it where the disc is put in but not with a digital download. If my kids want to have their own XB1 and one wants to play with me and my wife then we cannot be logged in in that console. Does this now means that I need to create a 2nd Xbox account just to buy and manage Games on that XB1?

This brings me back to my expectation that I want digital downloads to work like a Game Disc. If Microsoft can make sure that I am only logged in at one XB1 at the same time why can’t they make sure that I can only play a game on one XB1 and therefore avoiding the issue of the owner to be logged in.

Having a big family we have now two Xbox One consoles so that family members can play together most notably Destiny. Unfortunately I ran into some digital rights issues with it which are frustrating.


I expected that digital copies of a game have the same rights and restrictions as a physical copy of a game especially on the Xbox One where the games are installed and a DVD acts only as a key.


We have 2 Xbox One where one is my Xbox Home and on the other it is my wife’s Xbox Home. This is the current layout:

A) Xbox One, Destiny DVD, Destiny Expansion Pass which I bought from Xbox Store, my wife’s Xbox Home (through her Xbox Live Gold)

B) Xbox One, Destiny Guardian Edition (which I bought from Xbox Store), my Xbox Home (through my Xbox Live Gold)


All members of my family can play Destiny and its Expansion (The Dark Below) without any problems on B). On A) I am the only one who can play Destiny and its Expansion (from the Expansion Pass). All others including my wife can only play Destiny (from the DVD) and for all content related to the Expansion (The Dark Below) they are asked to buy it (the content is locked).

I think the issues is that I bought both digital copies (the Expansion Pass as well as the Destiny Guardian Edition) and I can only make one Xbox One my Xbox Home. If my wife would have bought the Destiny Guardian Edition we would not have this problem because then A would be my Xbox Home and B would be hers.

I hope that I can resolve this issue with Microsoft otherwise I will not buy games from the Xbox Store anymore.

  • Andy
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