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July 10, 2017

TXBA Speed Workshop

by Andreas Schaefer

Recently I checked how long back I started to learn the guitar and was surprised that it was only 3 1/2 years ago. Considering that I started nearly on ground zero I came a long way for a person my age. Still listening to guitar players like Steve Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa I feel inadequate to say the least. Trying to play along is like running with concrete boots and my playing has little variation in speed or I cannot apply licks I’ve learned.

Anthony Stauffer from Texas Blues Ally is currently rolling our a Speed Workshop for the Locals (his online subscribers). The day he released it I obtain the material and started to work on it. The lick as well as the spider drills I was already familiar with but what is new is the step by step approach which takes you for a beginner and improves your speed, dexterity and endurance and a week in I can say I started to improve quite a lot. Some of that is due to consolidating / refining my technique but some is because I take the time every day to practice the drills and the exercises.

This course by itself is worth the membership and can help an aspiring beginner or intermediate blues guitar player increasing his speed but it takes work with a ton of repetition. It comes with all the check lists for tracking, the instructions for both the drill and the exercises, animated tabs and the benchmark videos which are videos of every exercise at each milestone speed to check when you reach a given exercise milestone.

The only thing I am struggling with as the hammer on and pull offs which is used quite a lot. I think the course should got a little bit deeper into the technique and the proper execution as this is pretty crucial. Especially for players with smaller hands this is challenging.

This course has my two thumbs up and I wished it would have been there two years ago. One week in the course is now the start of my practice routine and it will stay there for weeks to come. It already improved my playing and I am now comfortable to deal with TXBA’s Texas Flood Intermediate level course.

Cheers – Andy Schaefer

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