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March 29, 2013

First Step with Markdown

by Andreas Schaefer

Update: after making the decision to go with Markdown and installing Markdown on Save Improved Plugin for Workdpress it was pretty easy. The only thing to remember is to add two spaces at the end of a paragraph to end that paragraph and not to forget to add the reference links at the end of the document. I could also preview the page as formatted Page in the MarsEdit Preview Page when selection the Markdown Filter at the bottom.

After buying and reading MacSparky’s Field Guide to MarkDown I wanted to see how difficult it is to use Markdown together with MarsEdit to write my posts and WordPress on There are few things that I am not sure if it works:

1) Using Markdown on future Posts but using Blogtext on my older Posts
2) Using Links within a Post
3) Displaying Source Code
4) Integrating Images

So far I am pretty happy if I just can use Markdown for simple posts now and later us it more advanced posts or tutorials.

Cheers – Andy

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