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April 18, 2013

CQ Workflow Presentation

by Andreas Schaefer

On Wednesday, April 17th I gave a Presentation about Workflows to the OC CQ User Group which ran for about 2 hours.

So here are the Slides as PDF file, 16MB. Before you look at them I want to point a few things out:

As a Developer I need to figure out how to make things work and so most of my time is spent on figuring out how to deal with problems, bugs or other shortcomings of a Framework. Therefore problems are more important and I focus on way more that on the things that work without a problem. On the other hand I want to give my audience as much help as I can to deal with problems they might have or they might run into in the future. So don’t take my long list of bugs, traps and pitfalls as an indication that CQ Workflow is too buggy and unreliable.
In addition keep in mind that Workflows has two major parts. The coding which I covered a lot but also the business component which defines what to do in the Workflow, by whom and in what order. Because this is an iterative process it makes developing Workflows more difficult because changes might require a redesign of the Workflow.
All in all CQ Workflows need a strong commitment by the developers as well as by the stakeholders because they will take time to get it right and to make it acceptable for the enduser. That said I think CQ Workflows can do amazing things and be a big time saver (especially in crunch time) if setup right.

Have fun – Andy Schaefer

BTW: The session was tapped and so I think it will be posted on the User Group page soon.

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