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April 19, 2013

Markdown with Poster

by Andreas Schaefer

Update May 13th:

Having tried Blogsy I am not really a fan of their Markdown Support. Blogsy gives a blank editor and I later converts everything into HTML which is what I don’t want because I upload and store my blog entries as plain Markdown text. This way I can keep editing it on any Markdown editor I want on any system (iPhone, iPad and Mac). As far as I can tell there is no support for images, files etc.

In my quest to use Markdown with my WordPress Blog I am now using Poster on the iPad to write a post. As with MarsEdit images are again the big thing. So I uploaded this Image Image of Pool Samples but Poster is adding this a plain HTML. I could remove the HTML and place it into a Markdown format but I would have expected that when it does support Markdown that uploading an image would add the image in Markdown.

Let’s see if I Blogsy does a better job.

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