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August 13, 2015

My Long and Winding Road back to Redemption in Destiny

by Andreas Schaefer

After 11 months of playing Destiny and a lot of frustrations lately with Skolas I finally realized that I failed myself and my fellow Guardians and became corrupted by the Darkness.

Rev. ‘No Cheese’ Datto: “Do you see the Light, Do-you-see-the-Light”.

Me: “I, I, I see the light. I-see-the-Light. Let’s bring the True Fireteam together”

(Upbeat blues music in the background).Now I am standing at the edge of the pit, looking down realizing that I have to go down and face the Darkness. This time is not a Machine God, Overlord, Death Singer, God or King but my own laziness, cowardliness and false pride on hollow accomplishments.

I pledge:

  • I will no longer cheese or cheat Destiny.
  • I will stand firm when asked to cheese.
  • I will try to find other Guardians who do not cheese.

This fight will not be easy, quick or glorious. I will loose some friends along the way but hopefully will gain the trust of new ones. I might help others to stop cheesing but nobody is ever able to eradicate it as nobody is able to clearly define it as well. The only thing I can do is to save my soul and find my way back to the light.

In the past 11 months cheesing did not help me to become a better Guardian but rather held me back. Failing Skolas for many times did improve my skills, my tactics and situational awareness way more as all of my cheesed VoGs, CEs and NFs combined and it helped me to cop with failure as well.

Thanks to Datto, Professor Broman and other streamers and you tubers showing on a daily basis that Destiny can be played without Cheese.

Andy, the Corrupted, Over-and-Out

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