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January 5, 2016

New Clan, New Opportunity

by Andreas Schaefer

Since the demise of my first clan I was looking for new people to raid with. After I had the opportunity to do the Raid of TTK on the day it launched there is no way I would miss another Raid release.That said since the launch of the House of Wolves I am an official Destiny ronin trying to find a new group and after countless LFG groups I finally found a new clan. It contains players from all levels but most important it has some advanced players and so we could do the Golgoroth Challenge. It took many tries but we stuck it out and finished it.

Of all the places I searched for a clan I never thought that I would find my clan on I am not sure what Bungie is thinking but their site is not very helpful for finding clans. This is what I would provide if I were Bungie I would make theses stats searchable:

  • Activity of the Clan
    • Number of new members
    • Number of members playing together
    • Number of games members played together
  • Timezone / Schedule for Raids, Crucible etc
  • Chat (Group Forums is so inefficient)
  • How old the clan is in days not years

In my view LFG (looking for groups) is not working – not because of the sites but because of the players. Many of them have no patience, no manners or are insulting or otherwise rude. This is off-putting and a big time sink resulting in way more waiting than actual fighting.

Last week we helped some 280 / 290s through the Normal Mode Raid and it was a challenge as certain things did not work like we were used to in Hard Mode. So we had to kill the Sisters in 3 rounds and place ourselves on the lower platforms. Later Oryx was finished in just a few tries. Even when we continued to fail at the sisters there was no outburst of frustration or anger as we tried to find a solution to the sister. Eventually we finished it in a clutch finish but that was a fitting ending.

Any Destiny Raid is teamwork (except you can do Oryx by yourselves) and so playing with Friends is not only more fun but it ensures that efforts put into each others growth is not in vain.

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