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Markdown, Quotes and Source

Another little thing that I did not know about Markdown is to write quotes and source code.

In all IT there is always someone smarter than the smartest one you know
and always someone dumber than the dumbest one.


Here is some Java code:

public class Test {
    public statif voir main( String[] pArguments ) {
        // doing nothing as usual

Have fun – Andy


Markdown and Images

As mentioned before I am still figuring out how to make Markdown work with MarsEdit and my WordPress blog. The last big issue is how to deal with images. Images in Markdown are simple by just adding an exclamation mark in front of the Image URL.

There is an image of my new back Pepple Watch which is got last week.

So far the workflow was:

  • Open MarsEdit

  • Open Media Manager of MarsEdit (not really necessary but helpful)

  • Open Upload Utility

  • Drag an Image from the Media Manager onto the Upload Utility

  • Adjust the properties and upload the file

  • Go to WordPress, Media Library and obtain the URL to the image

  • Add it the post

It would be nice tough if MarsEdit could do everything from within the Media Manager. On the Media Manager below the Image properties should be a button to upload the image and on then on the Published Image there should be a right-click context menu entry that would provide the URL for it. That would make it a two step process.

Cheers – Andy


MarsEdit, WordPress and BlogText All In One

Today I wanted to see if I could use MarsEdit and BBEdit to post a Post or Page to this WordPress site using BlogText plugin for WordPress.

BlogText is a simple markup language so that I don’t have to write HTML in order to post a Blog. Now with the HTML editor of MarsEdit that maybe isn’t necessary but I am going to edit the posts / pages through the Web Interface or iOS App and then I want to make it as quickly as possible.

Initially I ran into a lot of issues because MarsEdit did create HTML around the BlogText effectively rendering BlogText mute. Then I tried to use the HTML view and voila it would send the content as is. So I changed the default editor back to the HTML editor and now I can edit my posts like this one with BBEdit using BlogText through MarsEdit.

BTW I like MarsEdit because it is faster to navigate and has a better overview than the Web interface of WordPress.

– Andy´╗┐